No Drama Llama

We recently sold our beloved mini donkey Petey because he was just too wild at times and I was on pins and needles worried he would injure one of our little Nigerian Dawrf babies on accident and keeping him locked up in a lot wasn’t fair to him either.

We absolutely loved him and that’s why we had to let him go.

But he was our livestock guardian and had taken the job seriously prior so we knew we needed to get something else in exchange and quickly. It seemed like fate the day after I posted him someone else posted a llama for sale that had been in with sheep and goat. I mean how could it get any more perfect than that?!?! So we made a quick decision to buy her.

She’s only 11 months old but cute as can be and she is learning quickly. We worked on haltering and leading and she’s very enthusiastic to learn. I’m sure the trip home will land me on the people of Iowa but I could see some pictures being taken and lots of laughs. They acted like they had never seen a llama before in the back of a truck.

She laid down the whole ride and was happy to see some one moving ground when we pulled in at home. She got settled into her stall in the barn and was loving the treats and love we were giving her.

Hopefully we can tame her a bit and get her turned out to the pasture soon. We are waiting on our last Nigerian Dwarf to kid and I’d really like her to see that and be a part of it.

Here is to hoping so!


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