April 8th 2017

It’s that time of year again!!! The babies are running around like crazy getting older and bigger and about ready to move onto new homes. 

We had a big week this week. We started off with a trip to the vet to get one little guys horns removed.

My vet completely sedates them so he was still a bit out of it and as soon as he got home he got to meet his new owners. It was a surprise to one of them but boy were they happy. 

Most of the week was plagued with rain so I spent the majority of the time shoveling corn stalks in an attempt to keep a place to walk but it was a down hill battle. The barn is still a swamp. 

But the upside to this week is lots of milk!!! I’m back to milking full time!!

Yay!! Sugar and Fancy do so well on the stand and milk = ice cream, soaps and cheeses!!!

Blueberry mango goat milk ice cream yummy!! 

This week I also made some chipotle and honey/cinnamon cheeses! The kids go nuts for these and it’s so simple to make. I start with a farmers cheese base so basically bring milk to a boil and add lemon juice. I use a quart of milk and 2 tablespoons lemon it will instantly curd and then strain off the whey let it drain awhile then add you mix-ins.

Then today we had some big aspirations for the amount of chores we needed to get done. Much of that wasn’t completed but we did get some shearing done and I was beyond proud of the job I had done. 

That fleece came off as one solid piece!!!

It came off so well my son wore it as a jacket for awhile!! I think I see some felted soap in my future!!! Yay!!

Until next time


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